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CrossFit is my new passion 

Martial Arts

Martial Arts have been a very important part of my life since I was a kid.


I have always supported Open Source technologies, working with them for a long time.

Cloud Computing

Currently, I am focused on Cloud Computing technologies and businesses, developing my career as a Cloud Solution Architect

My name is Jesus Arteche and I am an IT engineer (electronic and telematics specialties), although currently I am actually working as a Cloud Architect at IBM. This is my CV/blog, where I can show you a little piece of me.
The reason why I became an engineer is because I have always been interested in technology. As a child, I enjoyed discovering new devices and platforms, getting to know them and using them to fit my needs. I believe that is why I love Linux and the Open Source. I started my road in Open Source rummaging through Debian, but now I am a big fan of Ubuntu. I try to learn everything about servers, high availability and high performance infrastructures. The same applies to cloud computing, which is definitely my highest priority. My other great passion is martial arts.I have practiced karate since I was six years old. I have competed in several countries, which has given me the chance of meeting fantastic people. Now, life brought me to CrossFit, which has became my big passion outside work.

I am a very proactive person who is always trying to learn new things and use them for my projects. Teamwork is one of my strengths and I love interacting with other team members, that is the reason why I have been managing working groups  in different stages along my proffesional life. I have been in charge of the success of those projects, as well as being responsible for the performance and motivation of the human resources within the team.

Thanks for visiting my website !!!