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Curiculum Vitae.

Professional profile

I am an IT engineer, specialty in electronics and telematics, but my strong point are computer networks, servers, and solving technology problems. I have worked as a systems engineer, also participating in projects in the area of telecommunications.

Currently, in my role as a Cloud Architect, I can leverage my technical and lead skills engaging customer to get into the cloud or designing infrastructures within a big team of experts in large deals. I also educate people inside and outside the company in cloud technologies, from a technical perspective or a business perspective.

Work experience

Cloud Solution Architect/Engineer        October 2013 — Present

IBM Cloud,

Working on a global team, enabling and designing architectures for large&strategic IBM accounts on SoftLayer platform, collaborating in complex deals which involves different IBM organizations.
Designing and developing proof of concepts for global large&strategic accounts on Softlayer, using different technologies depending on the project (MySQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, jQuery, ruby, Brooklyn,…)
Creating and designing, PoC and architectures, for strategic&large IBM accounts focused on OpenStack services, collaborating also with development teams to cover the gaps between the OpenStack services and the customers.

Subject Matter Expert (SME) for: SoftLayer platform & API, and OpenStack services

Cloud Solution Architect        August 2011 — October 2013

IBM Digital Sales,

Working closely with customers and other IBMers, I design infrastructures across the IBM SmartCloud portfolio (IBM Public Cloud Solutions).
One important part of my role is to educate and advise either customers or IBMers on the usage of Cloud technologies, always seeking to match and satisfy their needs. In this sense, I am involved in projects ranging from small/medium sized, to larger ones, leveraging in most cases the IBM cross-brand collaboration (GBS/SO/SWG/GTS).
I am also the SME (Subject Matter Expert) for IBM SmatCloud portfolio with focus on Spain, Israel, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.


Co-founder          July 2010 — December 2013

DENOE SaaS Services,

One day, one of my ex-managers reached me and talked me about a new business idea, a cloud company. Well it happened some time ago, and today we can say that we founded this company totally focused in this new innovative technology/business model.

My role implies:

  • Align with my partner to design the company’s strategy.
  • Architect and responsible for SaaS applications running on the cloud computing infrastructure: auto-scaling, high availability, management, security, administration (Amazon Web Services and other public cloud providers).
  • Project Manager: creation of SaaS applications and traditional web platform migration to SaaS.
  • Consultant and responsible for projects related to deployments on IaaS (Amazon Web Services and other public cloud providers).

Head of System Department         October 2008 — March 2011


I joined InnovaGroup during my last year in the University as a SysAdmin, with the time the companies grew and the Systems Department, which I started, also grew. Some of my responsabilities here were:

Responsible for the infrastructure of computer network the InnovaGroup (,, Involved in projects related conexion networks, the SmartMaster project ( and projects related software OpenSource (Especially Linux operating systems). Consultant on projects related to “cloud computing” and responsible for cloud computing infrastructure.

Network Administrator (Intership)          June 2006 — September 2006


My labors were responsible for the management of network infrastructure and approach to the deployment of Microsoft Sharepoint.

Professional skills

Cloud Computing Public Infraestructures starstarstarstarstar

SoftLayer, Amazon Web Services, Arsys CloudBuilder, Microsoft Azure, PHPFog, …

I have worked building auto-scale infraestructures in Amazon Web Services. I also have experience deploying aplications in CloudBuilder, PHPFog and a little in Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Computing Private Infraestructures starstarstar

Eucalyptus, OpenStack

I have experience installing, configuring and managing  private Open Source “cloud’s”  such as: Eucalyptus and OpenStack. My focus in my last role is OpenStack srvices.


Consultant skills

In my day to day work I advice and deliver solutions for customers, helping them to satisfy their needs, align with the company strategy. This is an area that I am really focused from the beginning of my profesional career, trying to improve with my working experience and trainings.

Programming Languagesstarstarstar

C, C#, Dbase, AutoLisp, Java, .NET, Lua, PHP, JavaScript(sencha) web services

I have programmed with all these languages, but the languages with I have experience are C, PHP and JavaScript(Sencha). The other languages I have only basic nocions.

Linux Systemstarstarstarstarstar

Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat, Centos

I am expert managing Linux servers. I have worked with Debian, Ubuntu, Red Hat and Centos. My prefers and the ones I have more experience are Debian and Ubuntu.

Windows Systemstarstarstarstarstar

Microsoft Windows 2003, Microsoft Windows 2008

I have managed Windows Servers always, I prefer Linux servers though .

Knowledge about networks and servicesstarstarstarstarstar

Nagios, Apache, Bacula, …

I’ve always been an enthusiastic computer networks and all the services that can offer. Actually in all my roles I have installed, maintained and managed all kinds of network services. What I most like is interconnect them, make them talk between them. Some of these services are: Nagios, Apache, Bacula, DHCP, Bind, IIS, Lighttpd, PXE, Eucalyptus (cloud infrastructure), Samba, LDAP, OpenAFS, …


Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite

I installed, managed and worked these database engines. I have got a great experience manteining and managing this engines, sometimes is part of my daily work.

Hosting Systemsstarstarstarstarstar

Plesk and Virtuozzo

I have a great experience working as client daily with this panel’s for hosting platforms. The labors I develop are create and delete domains, web hostings, e-mail accounts, DNS entries, etc.

Embedded Devicesstarstarstarstar

I am expert in Linux embeded devices, I got prepare a commercial router with linux embeded, modifyed (hardware and software) and developed an applicattion web for configuring a wireless sensor network.


University of Cantabria,         Spain 2010 — 2011

Master in Business of Information Technology

I took this master in the University of Cantabria in order to try to increase my knowledge about business.

University of Cantabria,         Spain 2007 — 2010

Telecommunications Engineering major in Telematics

My final project was “A configuration tool for a wireless sensor network on OpenWRT”. I developed this project for SAYME, an spanish enterprise, which is patenting SmartMaster project ( of which my final project is part.

University of Cantabria,        Spain 2001 — 2007

Telecommunications Engineering major in electronics

My final project was “PDC integral server assembly and software installation, with open source tools”. This project still in production environment at University of Cantabria.

Other Courses and certifications

ITIL,         Ireland 2013

Foundation certification

Architectural Thinking,        Ireland 2011

IBM course intended for IT architects in order to prepare for the architecting methods

IBM Sales School,        Ireland 2011-2012


IBM master course oriented for selling and consulting.

IBM Master Sales School,        Ireland 2013

IBM master course oriented for accounting management.




My native language is spanish so I speak and write correctly.



I am currently working in an english environment, focused on worlwide projects, and reporting to the US.


Martial Arts

Karate, Kick-boxing, Self-Defense

I have practiced karate since I was six years old. I got first dan black belt at twenty years old, at the same age which I entered in the Cantabria state team. I have been karate and self-defense teacher along seven years for gyms and schools. I took part of several nationals and internationals championships along my competitor’s life.

I’m still training Karate or other martial arts when it is possible, combined with other outside sports such as: kayak, beach-voley, running,…